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Family Based Treatment for Children & Teens in Eating Disorder Recovery

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About Family Based Treatment for Eating Disorders

Family based treatment, or FBT, is an approach to supporting children & teenagers through eating disorder recovery. It’s considered the gold standard & current best approach, and is set apart from other treatment approaches by its focus on family involvement.

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The FBT Process

FBT begins by creating a structured, supportive environment & treatment team for the child or teen. The beginning of our work often focuses on stabilizing eating disorder behaviors and emphasizing physical recovery. As the teen’s ability to recognize and challenge their own eating disorder behaviors and thoughts increases, your involvement in their treatment as a parent decreases with our support so they can begin to take over their own care again.

We understand that FBT can be a daunting undertaking, and we’re here to help your family through it.

We’ll combine our nutrition & eating disorder expertise with your expert knowledge of your child.

Together, we’ll support them in rediscovering life without their eating disorder.

Rates & Insurance

We are in-network with several major insurance companies. If we are not in-network with your particular insurance plan, we can provide you with a monthly statement that you may submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. Many insurance plans accept out-of-network providers and will reimburse a portion of nutrition counseling services.

To see our current rates, financial policies, and insurance information, please visit our rates & insurance page.

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Will I need to be present for my child’s sessions with you?

Yes, your child and at least one parent/caregiver must be present for a portion of each nutrition session. Sessions are done over telehealth and links are sent to both the child and the parent to participate.

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How long are your nutrition sessions and how long does this take?

Each nutrition session is 55 minutes; this is to give you and your child enough time to discuss progress and goals with your dietitian. Nutrition sessions require a weekly commitment for at least 6 months. This is to ensure the parents and child are adequately supported by their dietitian and the family can feel equipped to prevent relapse.

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Where are you located/where do we go for sessions?

Attune Nutrition exclusively offers telehealth/virtual nutrition services, so you only have to go as far as your couch or favorite comfy spot. Much of our dietitian team is based in Seattle, WA - but we can see residents of other states on a case-by-case basis depending on our team’s availability & licensure in your area. Reach out for more information about whether we’re able to serve your geographic area!

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What ages do you work with?

We're able to see clients ages 13 and up.

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Does my child need to see other providers in addition to their dietitian?

Yes, eating disorders often have many layers and are best treated with a team of clinicians and support people. With your permission, we will coordinate and refer you to a team of specialists (medical doctor, therapist, psychiatrist, etc).

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Frequently Asked Questions

Family Based Treatment

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